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Was it that his knee finally felt up to the challenge?  Was he inspired by the 47 year old Mike Golic’s performance on ESPN the other day?  I don’t think it was any of that, and I seriously doubt Albert’s knees were keeping him from performing this “challenge.”  I suspect there was something in the contract that stipulated that if Albert didn’t practice for a certain amount of time then there was money owed back to the Skins.  The knee was an excuse not to practice,  but I find it amazing that once an MRI showed no damage to Albert’s knee that it was then he could finish the conditioning test.  A sad state of affairs for what has been a huge distraction (thank you ESPN and local media) on what should be a training camp full of excitement and hope for the Redskins.

We have a new Pro Bowl quarterback with a proven track record of winning.  A new coaching staff that has placed a huge emphasis on TEAM workouts, TEAM events, and building a winning TEAM.  For the first time in quite a while there are reports that players are actually WORKING TOWARDS MAKING THE TEAM BETTER, and not just looking out for number one.   Even Clinton Portis has found his way to OTA’s, and he doesn’t have a problem peddling the company line for once.  Overall, it’s a different atmosphere at Redskins Park and unfortunately that is what is getting lost here in the Albert Haynesworth media blitz.  Enough already and let’s talk about this positive atmosphere, that by all means is conducive to winning, and move on from the nonstop, around the clock, nonsense over an overpaid, out-of-shape bastard who is clearly playing for the paycheck.


About Patrick C. Duffy

Patrick Duffy is a Communications/Journalism student at the University of Maryland, University College. I also teach sixth grade English, high school Journalism, and Physical Education. Additionally, I’m the school’s Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach. My work is featured on the Maryland page of Bleacher Report, and has been redistributed by the University of Maryland football and baseball teams.


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