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Edsall Press Conference Highlights


*Note: Anderson spoke first, then Edsall, and then both answered questions after Edsall spoke. I have the Edsall quotes first because he was the focus of today’s event.

Randy Edsall

Opening comments
• “Very special day.” “This is a dream job for me, [for me] this is THE dream job.”
• “My first college game [I ever saw] was right here at Byrd Stadium… It was the 70’s it was against Villanova.”

On Friedgen
• “I’m extremely proud to follow Ralph Friedgen.”
• “I look forward to taking the program that Ralph built to a higher level.”

On Current Team
• “Those men I spoke to last night, I was very, very impressed with.”
• “I’m honored, and privileged to be the head football coach.”
• “We’re gonna work our darndest to be successful [in the classroom and the field.]”

On Recruiting
• “It’s gonna be a grassroots effort.”
• “We want the community to be proud of their state institution.”

On Expectations
• “I came here to win championships.”
• “I’m a coach and I want to win at the highest level.”
• “Every year our goal is to win the ACC Championship.” “If you don’t then there is no sense in me being here… There is no sense in putting that uniform on.”
• “Every place I’ve been, we’ve won… People thought I was crazy for going to [UConn], thought I was crazy for saying we’d win a championship. Then we won two championships while I was there… You can win here at the highest level here at Maryland… You can’t be afraid to say it.”

To his former players at UConn
• “That’s always the toughest thing. When you make a change in life, the timing is never good, it never turns out the way you’d like it to be. I tried to do the best I could given the situation. I would’ve like to have seen those men in person.”
• “I told them I loved them, wished them the best of luck.”
• “The special thing about college football, is the relationships you develop with the young students… It’s the relationships that last forever… I will root for them in every game they play, except for in 2012, and 2013, when we’re supposed to play them.”

On increasing Maryland’s exposure
• “We created a 40,000 person fan base at Connecticut. You do that by becoming visible, going out and speaking to people.”
• “There are things you have to do to make this program more viable throughout the state, and I intend to do that.”

Other key notes from the Presser:
• Edsall attended Lefty Driesell’s basketball camps as a kid for 4 years.
• Edsall acknowledged coaching with Friedgen Georgia Tech in 1998, and called Fridge “a good coach, and a good person.”
• On coaching staff
o Some Maryland assistants will be retained.
o Some will come from the UConn staff.
o Some from other places too.
o Gonna be a great staff.
o He would not announce specific names.
• Edsall admitted when Ralph was dismissed he was “excited” because Maryland is his dream job.
• He is looking forward to meeting Gary Williams, and picking his brain.
• His brother, and an NCAA referee, ref’d the last game in Cole Field House.
• Edsall says he likes to work with the personnel on the team, and not make them do things that do not fit their abilities.
• He plans on calling back every UConn player who left him phone messages.

Kevin Anderson

Opening comments
• “It’s a great day to be a Terp!”
• After thanking President Loh, Chancellor Kirwan, and the search committees, he thanked Ralph Friedgen. Called Fridge, “A great Terp.”
• “[Coach Friedgen] laid the foundation for why we are here.”

On Edsall:
• “[Randy’s] body of work speaks for itself.”
• “Randy wanted to be the head coach at the University of Maryland.”
• “No one said ‘I want to be the head coach at Maryland, and that is my dream job,’ except for the person sitting to my left.”
• “Randy has won at all levels. He built a program from scratch.”
• “This man is a builder, he’s a winner, and he’s a champion.”

On the dismissal of Ralph and the search
• “I had to make a hard decision… we want to go from good to great.”
• “Chancellor Kirwan was not involved in any way possible. [This was] my decision, and my choice to be the next head coach.”

On fan reaction
• “We got a damn good football coach here.”
• “I’ve gotten a bunch of people sending me emails and texts from the football community telling me what a great hire he is.”
• “It’s about graduating kids, its about making people the best that they can.”
• “Randy said, ‘We’re gonna win. But we’re gonna win in the classroom, and we’re gonna have good people go back to their communities and [lead].’”
• “Randy’s work with the kids will speak for itself.”

On Leach
• “Coach Leach came in here and did a great job. I had a wonderful experience with him. There were other opportunities out there I wanted to pursue.”

Other notes from Anderson
• Anderson challenged current recruits to stick with Maryland.
• On the “Business Decision” / Future Success/ Attendance
o Anderson is looking to elevate football from a 3rd place team to a 1st place team.
o Noted Randy increased attendance at UConn by 20,000 people.
o He added, the move isn’t just for football, but for the entire athletic department.
• Anderson mentioned that some candidates refused to come to campus. Only 2 came, Randy was one of them, and Leach was the other.
• When both were asked about beefing up the schedule, in particular Penn State, Anderson noted PSU does not do Home-and-Home series’ and Maryland isn’t about that. Edsall added, Maryland doesn’t have to bow to anyone and that “We’re the University of Maryland.”


About Patrick C. Duffy

Patrick Duffy is a Communications/Journalism student at the University of Maryland, University College. I also teach sixth grade English, high school Journalism, and Physical Education. Additionally, I’m the school’s Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach. My work is featured on the Maryland page of Bleacher Report, and has been redistributed by the University of Maryland football and baseball teams.


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